Commercial Restoration

Damage to your business can be devastating and many times results in business closures.  Many businesses never completely recover from these critical emergency situations.   Many times customers and clients find new vendors because they can no longer depend on your business and when it will get back to doing business. It is extremely important to put a plan in place to deal with these potential issues before they occur.  That is why commercial restoration is absolutely crucial.

ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assist you and/or your business needs.  We proudly serve the Southern California area-specifically the counties of Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura.  When you call, we will arrive on site—usually within 60 minutes.   We will quickly analyze the situation to determine which services and in which order your business requires.

When we are working in a commercial environment, we try to minimize disruptions to your business, so that you can continue your normal procedures- keeping your business operational and earning money.

Commercial Services

Along with commercial restoration, we also provide other commercial services, such as pre-planning, emergency loss mitigation response, and assisting you in formulating a contingency plan.

For the same reason you buy insurance, you should consult us about commercial services. We will advise you on a plan of action and teach you how to prepare your employees for an emergency.

If your company is struck by an unexpected disaster, ensure that you can deal with the fallout by having a strong plan of action. Our commercial services help your business recover so that customers and employees do not have to sacrifice.  Our services are applicable to the following industries and business situations :

• Apartment complexes

• High Rise Buildings

• Hospitals

• Shopping Centers

• Commercial Buildings

• Government Buildings

• Education & Schools

• Sporting Venues

• Worship Centers

• ... and More.


*FREE Inspection for all services

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